My name is Laurie Garrett, and this is my blog

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It’s taken me a LONG time to jump into the Blogosphere. Having spent most of my life as an author and journalist

I have looked at blogging with trepidation: Where’s the editor? Who is the fact-checker? Does the world need more blathering? Can I do better?

But at last I think I’ve found a “voice” that I can relish in the Blogosphere, and I hope that you agree.

I will be chiming in periodically on a range of topics, from 9/11 and anthrax to U.S. policies in famine relief and hopes for a cure for AIDS. My “voice” will ultimately be a familiar one for my readers, writing as objectively as I can, and letting the facts speak for themselves. The blog will originate on, and rss feed to may sites on Amazon, Facebook and Google+.